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cz-20.gif (11045 bytes) Fisher Research Laboratory has introduced a submersible target-I.D metal detector to compliment the Fisher line of QuickSilver land and shallow-water target-I.D machines.
"Underwater treasure hunters have been asking for a waterproof QuickSilver model ever since the splashprof CZ-6 QuickSilver was introduced," said Fisher's Director of Consumer Sales, Fred Brust. "So here it is: the CZ-20, a waterproof, target-I.D. machine that uses the same basic circuitry as the CZ-6."

Submersible to 250 feet, the CZ-20 detects buried metal in salt water, fresh water, shallow water and on land. It has two search modes: a silent-running, slow-motion, target-I.D. mode that ignores trash; and a hot, wide-scan autotune mode for all-metal searching. Two bright, red LED's flash over the target, varying in intensity according to signal strength.

Other features of the CZ-20 include no-motion pinpointing, faint-target audio boost, Fourier Domain signal analysis for increased depth and accurate target identification and a distinctive big-target alert. The CZ-20 also uses a three-tone target-I.D. system: a low tone for iron; a mid tone for pull tabs, foil and most gold rings; and a high tone for U.S. coins, silver rings and some gold rings.

Like all Fisher detectors, the CZ-20 is easy to operate. It features a cushioned arm rest, soft foam grip and control housing that slips off the handle for hipmounting. Four, 9-V batteries (instead of two) have doubled the CZ-20 battery life over previous QuickSilver models.

Fisher-CZ-20 Fisher CZ-20  w/8" Spider Coil $1219.95


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