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Van De Graff Generator
VanDeGraff.gif (11920 bytes) Create your own Lightning with the Van de Graff generator.
Provided in kit form and easily assembled, the Van de Graff provides a 200,000 Volt potential which creates arcs up to 4".
Demonstrate lightning, lightning rods, St. Elmo's fire, repulsion of like charges, electrostatic dust collection, the flow of ions and more.
Deluxe, high-quality generator is 17" tall and is equipped with a 7" globe made of aluminum. Powered by a 3,000RPM 110VAC motor, it operates in a humidity range of 0-90% and generates a current of 1.5 to 2.5 microamps. Aluminum frame and charge collector. Complete with instructions a experiments. Ages 10 and up.
ITEM# MLE-10-065-000 (45cm high, 18cm diameter globe)
Also available in a 400,000 Volt Kit
ITEM# MLE-10-085-000 (90cm high, 35cm diameter globe)
MLE-10-065-000 Van De Graff Generator 200,000 Volt $137.95
MLE-10-065-010 Replacement Belt for 200K ( " x 12" ) $  10.95
MLE-10-085-000 Van De Graff Generator 400,000 Volt $469.95
MLE-10-080-010 Replacement Belt for 400K ( 2" x 22" )          $ 25.00        


Wimhurst Generator

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Sturdy unit provides high-voltage electric charges for a variety of electrostatic experiments. Equipped with 2 clear, acrylic, 91/2" discs with aluminum foil sectors glued to the surface of each. Designed with all plastic parts mounted on a wooden base. Dimensions, 8 10 14". Includes instructions.

Item# MSD-4800
Price  $100.00


Radiometer.gif (5142 bytes) Introduce students to the study of thermodynamics. The Radiometer's four vane rotor spins continuously up to 3,000RPM from sunlight or an incandescent bulb heating the dark side of the vanes. Spins on low friction, needle-point bearing in partial vacuum glass globe. 5" High, 3: diam.
Available in four vane styles.
Item Number Description Price
MSD-11060 Traditional Vanes (pictured) $11.00
MSD-11061 "Flags" Vanes $11.00
MSD-11062 "Earth" Vanes $11.00
MSD-11063 "Astronaut" Vanes $11.00


Two-Potato Clock
Watch this clock run on two potatoes! It's educational, it's fun and it runs on just about anything! The natural ingredients found in common household items are used to conduct low voltage electrical output between bi-metal probes. There are no batteries required. Answer the questions: "How does a potato make electricity?" and "What are those metal probes made of?".

Item# MSD-3306 $18.95


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Hand Generator Kit

Simple coil motor demonstrates the workings of a generator. Hand-powered unit produces approximately
2 amps/5 volts—enough power to light a small light bulb.

Item# LER-2022  $21.95



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Battery Tester Kit

By constructing a circuit, this device indicates battery power.
Includes light indicator and gauge.
Requires “D” batteries (not included).

Item# LER-2025  $16.95


Metal Detector
SS-935.jpg (89262 bytes) Good quality metal detector with course and fine adjustments. Unit has a meter with needle to indicate when metal is detected. Also has an earphone which can be used instead of buzzer. Instructions. Boxed.

Item# SS-935  $54.99


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