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MSD-BD8105.gif (6835 bytes) Elementary 14pc Set
Contained in a "Biocon" case of a durable resin material, this dissecting case holds your instruments in individual compartments. "Biocon" case are virtually unbreakable, impervious to common laboratory fluids, and fit neatly into pocket or purse.
14 pcs comprised of: Biocon case, Poly Scalpel, Forceps, Dropper, Student Scissors, Teasing Needles (2), Ruler and (6) T-Pins.
ITEM# MSD-BD8105  $14.99
MSD-BD8300.gif (4902 bytes) Elementary 14pc Set in Vinyl case
This dissecting kit is packaged in a "Hamileather" case.
A sturdy vinyl grain-finished case which contains exactly the same dissecting instruments as above.
ITEM# MSD-BD8300  $18.99


Dissecting Pans
msd-2632.jpg (3962 bytes) WAX Lined Dissecting Pan.
A large aluminum pan, 11" x 7" x 1", containing a heavy layer of wax that will not dry out or crack. Seamless construction with rounded edges for safety.
ITEM# MSD-2638  $9.75
msd-2632.jpg (3962 bytes) WAX Lined Dissecting Pan, Large.
A super-sized aluminum pan, 13-1/8" x 9-3/8" x 2-", which is excellent for dissection of large specimens. Lined with wax which will not dry out or crack. Seamless construction with rounded edges for safety.
ITEM# MSD-2632  $17.79
Dissection Pan-MSD-2935.jpg Dissecting Pan (middle, standard pan - 11 1/2" X 7 1/2")
These pans won't rust!  The pads are reusable and there i s no need to melt sticky wax.  The covers close up for the day.  The Standard pan (the middle pan) is perfect for general and medium size specimens such as perch, frogs and crayfish.
ITEM# MSD-2935  $9.99


Dissecting Instruments
Item No. Description Price
MX150 Dissecting Needle. Straight, wood handle.     0.69
MX155 Dissecting Needle. Curved, wood handle.     0.69
5200 Pipet, Dropping. Curved, glass 4"     0.45
5210 Pipet, Dropping. Straight, glass 4"     0.45
MX416 Flesh Hook 2-prong, 2.25" $2.59
MX460 Triple Chain Hooks $2.84
3340 Blowpipe $7.25
MX400 Section Lifter $6.50
MX290 Mall Probe 6mm Diameter, 6" Length $2.99
6040 Ruler 6" English & Metric scale     0.59
MX267 Percussion Hammer $4.50
MX320 Scalpel. Hardened plastic resin handle with #21 blade $2.75


Item No. Description Price
MX237A Feilchenfield Splinter S/S, 3" $4.99
MX237B Feilchenfield Splinter S/S, 4.5" $6.99
MX245A Thumb Dressing S/S 4.5" $3.99
MX245C Thumb Dressing S/S 5" $3.75
MX245E Thumb Dressing S/S 5.5" $6.99
MX245H Thumb Dressing S/S 10" $9.99
MX221 Cartilage Forceps. Medium Heavy Jaws. Finely serrated. $7.99


Item No. Description Price
MX393A 4.5" Curved S/S Sharp/Blunt $5.99
MX393B 4.5" Straight S/S Sharp/Blunt $5.99
MX675A 5.5" Straight S/S Sharp/Blunt $6.50
MX675B 5.5" Straight S/S Sharp/Sharp $6.50
MX675C 5.5" Straight S/S Blunt/Blunt $7.50
MX395A 5.5" Curved S/S Sharp/Blunt $6.50
MX395B 5.5" Curved S/S Sharp/Sharp $6.50
MX395C 5.5" Curved S/S Blunt/Blunt $6.50


Item No. Description Price
DB-139-0899.1 Grassfrog. 4-5" Plain Formaldehyde-Free Vacuum Packed $  6.95
DB-136-0800.1 Bullfrog. 6-7" Plain Formaldehyde-Free Vacuum Packed $ 16.49
DB-140-1329.1 Fetal Pig. 7-9" Plain, Vacuum Packed $ 17.49
DB-140-1321.1 Fetal Pig. 9-11" Double Injected, Vacuum Packed $ 25.00
DB-140-1703.10 Beef Eyes 10/pkg $ 22.00
DB-132-1175.1 Dogfish (shark) 18-22" Plain Vac-Pac $ 15.95
DB-122-3056.1 Squid 12-16" Plain Vac-Pac $ 10.79
DB-140-1449.1 Pig Heart without Pericardium $ 11.99
DB-150-1003.1 8 Specimen Set  Includes: Frog, Crayfish, Lubber Grasshopper, Clam,
Earthworm, Starfish, Perch and Hydra.
$ 17.95
  Dissection Guides  
DB-420-4104 Dissection guide to the Frog. 18pg, 14 illustrations $  7.95
DB-420-4154 Dissection guide to the Fetal Pig. 16pg, 11 illustrations $  7.95


MSD-T-3400.gif (5748 bytes) HOW TO DISSECT. Exploring with probe and scalpel.
A comprehensive introduction to dissection as a research tool and to the correct techniques, covering the digestive, reproductive, nervous, circulatory and structural systems of the earthworm, crayfish, squid, grasshopper, starfish, shark, frog and gladiolus, illustrated 223 pages.
Item# MSD-T-3400
Price  $15.00


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