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Item No. Description Price
MSD-5421 Plain Slides 25x75mm  72/pkg   $5.99
MSD-5425 Frosted Slides 25x75mm 72/pkg* $7.50
*Frosted Slides have a sand-blasted end for marking and identification.


Concave Slides
MSD-5440A.gif (337 bytes) MSD-5440B.gif (428 bytes)
Item No. Description Price
MSD-5440A Single Depression Slide 25x75mm each $1.75ea
MSD-5440B Double Depression Slide 25x75mm each $2.25ea


CoverSlips.jpg (2973 bytes) Glass
Cover Slips
msd-5480.jpg (2518 bytes) Plastic
Cover Slips
Item No. Description Price
CH-529-22X22 Glass Cover Slips  #1 Thickness 22x22mm  1oz. $7.46
CH-529-22X40 Glass Cover Slips  #1 Thickness 22x40mm  1oz. $7.46
CH-529-22X50 Glass Cover Slips  #1 Thickness 22x50mm  1oz. $7.46
CH-530-22X22 Glass Cover Slips  #1½ Thickness 22x22mm   1oz. $7.46
MSD-5480 Plastic Cover Slips  22x22mm  100/pkg. $4.68


Prepared Microscope Slides
Item No. Description Price
EAG-88-5010 Basic Biology 15 Slide Set $31.99
EAG-88-5020 Basic Botany  15 Slide Set $31.99
EAG-88-5030 Basic Zoology 15 Slide Set $31.99
EAG-88-5040 Tissue Slides 50 Slide Set $90.00
SS-690 6 Slide Set. Animals, Plants, Insects, Pollen, Tiny Creatures, Fibers, etc. $17.00
MIC-08051 25 Slide Set by Meade $29.95


MSD-5470series.jpg (6783 bytes)
Hold 3 x 1 in. and 75 x 25mm slides. Sturdy, color-coded polystyrene boxes with hinged lids accommodate 100 slides. Numbered slide partitions correspond to numbered index card in lid. Provide dust-free storage. Available in five colors. Stackable. Dimensions: 6 3/4L x 8 3/4W x 1 5/16  in.H (17.1 x 22.2 x 3.3cm).
Item No. Description Price
MSD-5470 Slide Box Polystyrene 100 Slide. White $13.95
MSD-5470-B Slide Box Polystyrene 100 Slide. Blue $15.50
MSD-5470-G Slide Box Polystyrene 100 Slide. Green $15.50
MSD-5470-R Slide Box Polystyrene 100 Slide. Red $15.50
MSD-5470-Y Slide Box Polystyrene 100 Slide. Yellow $15.50


hb-3035.jpg (4958 bytes) 25 Slide Plastic Storage Box

Item# HB-3035
Price  $5.99


msd-2631.gif (9823 bytes) Bel-Art®. 9 × 12". Binder comes
complete with 10 view packs.
Each view pack holds 16 slides
in individual pockets with white
vinyl back and clear front.
Slides cannot fall out because of
covering flap in center.
Item# MSD-2631
Price  $29.99


Item No. Description Price
MSD-5608-25 Mounting Media 25ml
(for mounting cover slips to slides)
$  6.99
MSD-5630 Lens Paper 4x6" book of 50 sheets $  2.95
TAS-1484FC tascottl.jpg (1854 bytes) Slide Making Kit
6 blank slides, methylene blue, gum media, amarath,
cover slips, and blank labels.


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