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tbi-1014.jpg (6858 bytes) BBLPrepared Plated Media 100x15mm; 10Plates/Pkg
Prepared Plated Media are for the isolation of micro-organisms
from samples or specimens. They are ready for immediate use.
Storage: On receipt store plates at 2 to 8C. Media containing
dyes must be protected from light at all times.

Packaging: 10 Plates/Package
Item No. Description Price
TBI-1014 TSA 5% Sheep Blood $10.00 package
A general purpose medium that supports a wide variety of microorganism types and lacks inhibitory properties. Enriched with an additive, usually animal blood, in order to cultivate highly fastidious microbial species.
Procedure: Inoculate the medium as soon as possible after the specimen arrives. To culture specimens from swabs, inoculate the medium by rolling over a third of the agar surface and streaking the remainder of the plate to obtain isolated colonies. Material not being cultured from swabs may be streaked onto the medium with a sterilized inoculating loop. The streak plate technique is used primarily to obtain isolated colonies from specimens containing mixed flora. Incubate the plates in an inverted position (agar side up) at 35 2C enriched atmosphere for 18 to 48 hours.
Expected Results: After 18 to 48 hours of incubation, the plates should show isolated colonies in streaked areas and confluent growth in areas of heavy inoculation.
Note: Prepared Plated Media is REFRIGERATED and must ship UPS NEXT-DAY or UPS-2nd DAY AIR. See Shipping Table for Costs.


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