Telrad  Finderscope
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Telrad  Finderscope
To see objects through a telescope it must be pointed to exactly the right spot.
The Telrad is a sight for pointing telescopes to that "right spot".  (Also works well for stage spotlight!)

Through a Telrad you see the sky the way the star charts show it.
Not a small upside-down and magnified portion of it, but the "real sky"
with three lighted target rings set against it. The large ring is 4 degrees across.
It outlines the area covered by a finderscope. The small ring is degree across
and outlines the area seen in the telescope.

Select an object on the chart and note its position among the visible stars.
Then set the Telrad  rings on that spot in the sky. A quick rought setting
will put the object in the field of the finderscope. With no finder, or a faint
object that won't show, use a more careful setting to put the object in
the field of the telescope.

The Telrad  is 8 inches long, weighs 11 ounces and mounts on any telescope
without drilling holes. It unlocks from its base for separate storage.


Telrad Finderscope
Price $47.95



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Replacement parts for Telrad Finderscope
Item No. Description Price
KUF-BASE Finder Base Only 1x25 $9.45
KUF-RETICLE Reticle Only 1x25 $5.00



Seasonal Star Chart
This star finder is best designed for night time, and outdoor use. Major stars are printed in luminous ink which glows in the dark. More than 1000 stars and deep sky objects are listed and charted. Seasonal Star Chart has information on various types of galaxies and nebulae. 20pgs.
ITEM# MSD-T-2090
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