Telrad Celestron Meade Tele-Vue 
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HARBORMASTER   by Bausch & Lomb
Inspired by a vintage British import, this refined instrument of extremely optical quality and classic proportions, houses modern optical elements with enhanced coatings in solid brass. The floor-standing legs are hand finished in furniture cherry to blend with the brass base in color and fit. Each Harbormaster has a serial number engraved on the tube and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.
  • Solid Brass Telescope and Mount
  • 55" tube
  • 3" (76mm) aperture
  • 35x magnification
  • Coated achromatic air-spaced objective for razor sharp resolution
  • Erect image for land viewing
  • Focus range: 75 feet to infinity
  • Rack and Pinion focusing
  • Field of View: 53 feet at 1000 yards
  • Cherry-stained, hand milled hard wood tripod
  • 50" high mounted on tripod
  • Weight: telescope and mount 35lbs.
Item No. BL-683576    Price $2399.00


Celestron's beautiful 25x30 hand telescopes
are perfect for luxurious gift giving and

handsomely adorn any desk, library or study.
They're ideal for a whole range of viewing opportunities from hiking, boating and
camping to nature studies, bird watching and sporting events.
Three different models are available.
If you prefer the rich look of brass with a leatherette trim, model #52001, at 8ozs.
is the choice for you. For the elegant look of solid brass, choose model #52002,
which weighs 10ozs. Finally, model #52003, with its black rubber covering is the
perfect choice for rugged outdoor use The length of all three models is 13" when
fully extended and a compact 5" when closed down.
Each comes with a soft carrying case.
Item No. Description Price
CEL-52001 Brass Telescope w/ Leatherette Trim (pictured) $39.95
CEL-52002 Solid Brass Telescope $29.95
CEL-52003 Telescope w/ Black Rubber Covering $39.95




Seasonal Star Chart
This star finder is best designed for night time, and outdoor use. Major stars are printed in luminous ink which glows in the dark. More than 1000 stars and deep sky objects are listed and charted. Seasonal Star Chart has information on various types of galaxies and nebulae. 20pgs.
ITEM# MSD-T-2090
Telrad Celestron Meade Tele-Vue 
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