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Weather Wizard III
State-of-the-art weather technology affordable enough for the home enthusiast. The Weather Wizard III displays indoor & outdoor weather conditions at the touch of a button. large display includes compass rose which shows wind direction & wind speed information. Add the optional Rain Collector to measure daily and accumulated rainfall. The Weatherlink option connects your weather station to a personal computer for advanced data storage, graphing and analysis.
ITEM# DVI-DS105160  $195.00
7425cs_wire.jpg (3907 bytes) Complete Weather Wizard III
Everything you need for measuring inside and outside temperature, wind speed and direction, wind chill, and daily and accumulated rainfall. Includes Weather Wizard III console, anemometer, rain collector, temperature sensor.

ITEM# DI-07425CS   $250.00

7425_wireless.jpg (4537 bytes) WIRELESS Weather Wizard III with AC Power
Pre-assembled sensor array includes anemometer, rain collector, radiation shield with temperature sensor, weather-resistant shelter, and galvanized steel mounting pole. Transmitter uses 900 MHz low-power radio waves, no FCC license required. Typical range is from 100’ to 400’ (30 m to 120 m) depending upon the structural features of the building. Includes Weather Wizard III console, AC-power adapters for transmitter and receiver/console, and one 3-volt lithium battery for transmitter. Use lithium battery when AC-power source is not available. One battery lasts up to six months. Add a second battery (not included) for twelve months. Add additional console/receivers to view weather conditions in more than one location. Because regulations vary, Wireless Weather Stations may not be available outside the USA.

ITEM# DI-6150  $595.00


Weather Monitor II
Glance at the display to see wind direction and wind speed on the compass rose. Check the barometric trand arrow to see if pressure is rising, falling or steady. Read inside or outside temperature, wind chill or inside humidity on the display. Backlit display for easy viewing.
ITEM# DVI-DS105161  $295.00
7440cs_wire.jpg (3815 bytes) Complete Weather Monitor II
Everything you need for measuring inside and outside temperature, wind speed and direction, wind chill, and daily and accumulated rainfall plus barometric pressure, inside and outside humidity, and dew point. Includes Weather Monitor II console along with our self-emptying tipping bucket rain collector, anemometer, and Temperature/Humidity Sensor.
Anemometer comes with 40' (12 m) cable. External temperature sensor comes with 25' (7.6 m) cable. Cables are connected to the console through a junction box with 8' (2.4 m) cable. Console includes AC-power adapter with battery backup (battery not included).

ITEM# DVI-7440CS  $395.00


Rain Collector, 0.01", Standard
Used to display daily and accumulated rainfall on weather stations. Designed to meet the guidelines of the World Meteorological Organization, this self-emptying tipping-bucket design is exceptionally accurate. Choose 0.01 in. or 0.2mm increments.
ITEM# DI-DS46  $80.00


Temperature/Humidity Sensor
Measures outside temperature, relative humidity, and dew point.
When used with the Weather Monitor II, it replaces the external temperature sensor included with the station.
ITEM# 7859  $125.00


7714.jpg (3104 bytes) RADIATION SHIELD
The most effective passive shelter available. Protects your Temperature or Temperature/Humidity Sensor from solar radiation and other sources of radiated and reflected heat. Multi-plate construction for maximum airflow. Assembly required. May be used with Sensor Mounting Arm or mounted on metal pipe or wood surface.

ITEM# DI-7714  $65.00


Measures outside temperature, relative humidity, and dew point. For use with Weather Monitor II, GroWeather, Energy EnviroMonitor, and Health EnviroMonitor. When used with the Weather Monitor II, it replaces the external temperature sensor included with the station.
Comes with 40' (12 m) standard cable.

ITEM# DI-7859  $125.00


WeatherLink 4.0 for Windows
For the ultimate in weather monitoring, connect the either Weather Station to your personal computer. The WeatherLink data logger stores data even when your computer is not running--until it is transferred to your computer. Later, you can use the WeatherLink software to create graphs, calculate totals and averages, generate summaries, analyze trends, and more--all with your own weather database. Data may be exported to most popular database, spreadsheet and word-processing packages.
ITEM#7862  $165.00


7400dsk.jpg (3187 bytes) Perception II
The Perception II monitors indoor climate using the most advanced technology available today. Temperature, barometric pressure and humidity are shown simultaneously on one easy-to-read display. Monitor your wine cellar, greenhouse or any other climate dependent area. Racers can calculate the air density index to accurately tune the car's carburetor. Requires virtually no installation. Comes complete with power adapter and detailed instruction book.
ITEM# DI-7400  $169.99


DI-271.jpg (3169 bytes) Turbo Meter
Reads wind speed in miles/hour, knots, feet/minute, or meters/second. Turbine suspended on sapphire jewel bearings responds to the lightest of winds. Three-digit display offers excellent viewing contrast in bright sunlight or at night. Requires three AAA alkaline batteries (not included). Dimensions: 4-5/8" 2-5/8" 1-1/8" (118 66 30 mm). Weight: 3 oz (85 g) not including batteries.

ITEM# DI-271  $165.00


DI-281.jpg (3182 bytes) Wind Wizard
Reads wind speed in miles/hour, meters/second, and Beaufort. Readout dial is supported on sapphire jewel bearings and steadied by a rare earth magnetic dampening system. Folding handle quickly and securely latches into place. No batteries needed. Dimensions: 3-5/8" 2-7/8" 1" (92 73 25 mm) with handle folded. Weight: 2.5 oz (71 g).

ITEM# DI-281  $46.95


0131.jpg (4756 bytes) Weather Forecasting Quick Reference Card
Discusses the use of wind direction, barometric pressure, and cloud type in predicting the weather. Includes full list of radio weather stations for official broadcasts, plus key information on storm warnings, hurricane avoidance, navigating in fog and other hazardous conditions, and more. Weatherproof high-strength plastic, full color both sides. Punched for binder or bulkhead mounting. Dimensions: 8" x 11" (216 x 279 mm).

ITEM# DI-131  $ 9.95



Dial Hygrometer
A precision instrument for laboratory use where accurate relative humidity readings are essential. Direct reading % relative from a synthetic hair hygrometer movement. 10% to 90% scale with -15 to +55C (10 to 130F)
thermometer. Steel case with chrome bezel and glass crystal. 5" case diameter. Weight 10oz.
ITEM# TA-5565  $100.00


Mason Type Hygrometer by Taylor
For determining relative humidity. Wet and dry bulb thermometers mounted on mahogany finish wood case, with water cistern.
Temperature range 30 to 120 F.
Supplied with spare wick and relative humidity tables.
Approximate size: 9x4"
ITEM#MSD-10960  $78.25


LER-2027.jpg (6516 bytes) STUDENT BAROMETER
Set up a weather station with this durable,
plastic instruments that measure barometric pressure.
Easy-to-read barometer and compass in matching case that interlock for table-top use.

Item# LER-2027
Price $18.95


LER-2028.jpg (5966 bytes) STUDENT HYGROMETER
Set up a weather station with this durable,
plastic instruments that measure humidity.
Easy-to-read dial hygrometer in matching
case that interlock for table-top use.

Item# LER-2028
Price $9.95


cnc-4082.jpg (5724 bytes) Traceable Temperature and Humidity Monitor

Item# CNC-4082
Price $59.31
Constantly measures humidity and temperature. (There is no ON/OFF switch.) Relative humidity range is 25 to 95% with a resolution of 1% and an accuracy of 2% (midrange) to 4% (outside midrange). Internal sensor measures ambient temperature from 0 to 50C and 32 to 120F with a resolution of 1. External temperature sensor displays from -50 to +70C and -58 to +158F with a resolution of 0.1 and an accuracy of 1C (1.8F).
Read ambient temperature, probe temperature, and ambient relative humidity on bright LCD. Digits are 1/2 in. high. Includes low-battery indicator.     
An individually serial-numbered certificate is provided to indicate instrument traceability to standards provided by NIST.     
L x W x H: 5 x 3 1/2 x 7/8 in. (13 x 9 x 2cm). Probe cable length is 10ft. (3.0m). Probe and cable may be submersed in water. Rugged ABS plastic case. Comes with two "AA" batteries, internal humidity sensor, and external and internal temperature sensors.


fs-02-400_4195.jpg (6139 bytes) Electronic Digital Barometer
  • Provides Barometric Pressure, humidity, temperature, and time.
  • Memory captures barometric readings every hour for 24 hours.
  • Bar graph shows barometric trends
  • Forecasts weather

Item# FS-02-400
Price $171.19

Combination unit simultaneously displays current barometric pressure, bar graph of barometric trends, humidity, temperature, and date or time. Switches permit setting in F or C and in.Hg or mbar. Ideal for recording ambient conditions in the lab, monitoring differences which could affect sample analysis, and predicting weather changes.
     Electronic digital barometer measures atmospheric pressure from 23.45 to 31.01in.Hg with a resolution of 0.03in.Hg, or from 794 to 1050mbar with a resolution of 1mbar. Accuracy is 0.1477in.Hg/5mbar. Memory automatically captures reading every hour—press HISTORY button to display the last 24 readings. Bar graph shows current reading and the trend for the previous 1, 3, 6, 12, and 24 hours. Adjustable altitude compensation from 0 to 2500m.
     Thermometer displays from 23 to 131F with a resolution of 0.9F, or from -5 to +55C with a resolution of 0.5C. Accuracy is 1C/1.5F.
     Relative humidity meter shows 10 to 98% relative humidity with a resolution of 1% and accuracy of 5%. Visual indicator displays weather forecast of sunny, cloudy, or rainy. A clock displays the time to the minute in either AM/PM or 24-hour military time. Or use toggle switch to display the month and date. Supplied with a lab bench stand, wall mount, and four "AAA" batteries. Measures 1L x 5 1/4W x 7 1/4 in.H (2.5 x 13 x 18cm). Net weight: 10 oz. (283.5g).



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