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Hand Magnifiers
MSD-5120.gif (2273 bytes) Magnifiers. The popular "Reading Glass" type, designed to be held away from
the eyes.Optically ground and polished lens.
Item No. Size Power Price
MSD-5120-A 2" 2.5x $  6.00
MSD-5120-B 3" 2x $  8.00
MSD-5120-C 4" 2x $10.99
MSD-5120-D 4.5" 2x $12.99
MSD-5120-E 5" 2x $14.99


Loupe Magnifiers
MSD-11509-B.gif (2607 bytes) MSD-11509-C.gif (2186 bytes) JP-515.gif (2509 bytes)
These Doublet Magnifier Loupes come with a nickel-plated housing and slide into a nickel-plated brass body. They provide greater magnification and portability than larger magnifiers.
Item No. Description Price each
MSD-11509-A 10x Doublet $10.95
MSD-11509-B 16x Doublet $15.95
MSD-11509-C 10x & 15x Doublet $18.95
MSD-11509-D 20x & 30x Doublet $20.95
JP-515 3x Folding Pocket Magnifier. Plastic $  1.99*
* Quantity discount on Item# JP-515.  36-72  $1.69    73-143  $1.44   144+  $1.22


12100-insect-observatory.jpg (3064 bytes) INSECT OBSERVATORY
Magnifying Insect Box. Two Sizes Available.
Item# MSD-5060-A  1x1"          4x magnification  $0.99
Item# MSD-5060-B  1.5"x1.5"  3x magnification  $1.99



MSD-11780.gif (3977 bytes) msd-3284.jpg (3479 bytes)
Item No. Description Price
MSD-3282 Right-Angle 1.75" x 1.25" High Polished Acrylic $  5.69
MSD-3283 Light Crystal Prism 2.5" High Polished Acrylic $  6.95
MSD-3284 Light Crystal Prism 4.5" High Polished Acrylic $13.95
MSD-11760 Equilateral Prism 75x75x9mm 60 angle, Glass $  7.99
MSD-11780 Equilateral Prism 75mm L, 25mm Sides, Glass $  9.99
SS-590B/2 60 Polished Glass Prism 2" Length $  7.50
SS-590B/3 60 Polished Glass Prism 3" Length $  9.99
SS-590B/6 60 Polished Glass Prism  6" Length $14.99


Lens Set
USS-LSTA50.jpg (2946 bytes) Demonstration Lens Set (acrylic)
The Demonstration Lens Set includes one each of double convex,
plano convex, concavo convex, double concave, plano concave,
and convexo concave lens.

Item No. Description Price
USS-LSTA50 Lens Set 50mm (Diam.) Set of Six $ 11.95
USS-LSTA75 Lens Set 75mm (Diam.) Set of Six $14.95


Ultraviolet Lamps
Model UVSL-14P is both Short wave & Long wave. 254/365nm
6.5"L x 1.75"D x 1.25"W. Uses 4 AA batteries; 8oz; Fits in Pocket.
Popularly used for illumination of Rock & Mineral Collections.
ITEM# UVP-95018801  $82.95

Model UVL-4 is a combination Long wave (365nm) Spotlight Lamp.
Same dimensions as UVSL-14P, this lamp can be used for detection of microorganisms when traveling and staying in hotels.
ITEM# UVP-95030501  $39.95


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