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AA5098.JPG (53814 bytes) The Levitron has been called the best new science toy in a generation by members of the American Association of Physics Teachers.
Spin the top and watch it float! The Levitron spins and "surfs" on magnetic waves! Pass your hand above, underneath and around the top. It will continue to spin and float - only touching air!

ITEM# FGT-LEV20 $32.99


CSI-2519.jpg (4025 bytes) A classic of science! Near perpetual motion levitating device.
Axle floats above its base on a magnetic field.
With a twist of the fingers it will spin for up to 20 minutes!
Available in three patterns: Black & White and Granite.
They all come with Strobe Lights now!
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Item No. Pattern Price
CSI-2516 Black & White $19.95
CSI-2549 Granite $19.95
CSI-2550 Strobe Light Stealth $19.95


FTG-Ring1.jpg (44406 bytes) GYRO-RING
The Gyro-Ring is a unique activity toy that provides hours of enjoyment for all ages. An 11" metal ring holds smaller, brightly colored discs. Once you strike up the discs, begin turning the ring and the discs will perform like small gyroscopic tops, spinning around the ring. The challenge is to keep all the discs turning.
ITEM# FTG-Ring1  $9.95



Balance Balls
A smaller version of the original ""Swinging Wonder"".
Black plastic frame with five steel balls. About 5"" tall

Item# CSI-1216
Price $12.95


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