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UN-KM822-823.jpg (4324 bytes) Non-Contact Temperature Measurement
When surface temperature measurements need to be fast and
accurate, the KM822 is hard to beat.

Perform HACCP temperature measurements, check hot holding
and serving temperatures, ensure uniform storage temperatures.

Range: -25 to 750F  and  -32 to 400C

Item No. UN-KM822  $224.00


Infrared Digital Thermometer
9515.gif (5586 bytes) Safe, non-contact thermometer. Rugged, solvent-resistant housing. Convenient 6 second temperature hold. Works up to 100 feet. F/C selectable. -20 to 600F.

Item No. TA-9515
Price $179.95


Infrared Digital Thermometer with Laser aiming beam.
9515L.gif (5586 bytes) Same as 9515, but includes a bright red, laser-aiming beam for improved precision.

Item No. TA-9515L
Price $322.00


Pocket Digital Thermometer
UN-DT300NSF.jpg (4617 bytes) Durable! Still a favorite of professionals who need a tough
thermometer and a good price. Now C/F switchable.
Range: -58 to 300F and -40 to 150C
5 inch Stem; NSF Approved

Item No. UN-DT300/1  $29.95


Pocket Digital Thermometer
9878.gif (6231 bytes) High precision pocket digital. Recalibratable with a stainless steel "slim stem". Max/min memory. Two-stage off button with timer. -58/500F, -50/260C.

Item No. TA-9878
Price $32.99

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