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Teflon-coated, octagon-shaped stirring bars
with molded-on pivot ring.
Item No. Description (Length x Diameter) Price
MSD-4907-A 5/8" x 5/16" (16mm x 7.9mm) $  2.66
MSD-4907-B 1" x 5/16" (25mm x 7.9mm) $  3.25
MSD-4907-C 1.5" x 5/16" (38mm x 7.9mm) $  3.50
MSD-4907-D 2" x 3/8" (51mm x 9.5mm) $  5.30
MSD-4907-E 3" x 1/2" (76mm x 13mm) $10.30


Magnetic Stirrer, Nuova, Thermolyne.
Ideal for use in cold rooms and incubators with non-condensing atmospheres. Low-profile design, with speed control for 100 to 1000 rpm range. Eddy current braking system provides superior speed control, especially at lower speeds. Direct-drive motor system delivers quiet, smooth stirring action at low speeds and thorough churning action at higher speeds. Large drive magnet located close to top plate. Teflon*-coated stirring bar stays coupled in place with drive magnet, even in viscous solutions. Porcelain-coated, stainless steel top plate is chemical-resistant and easy to clean. Drip edge beneath top plate protects unit from spills. White finish for visibility of liquid being stirred.

Case is sturdy, die-cast aluminum with chemical-resistant beige finish. Built-in support rod holder accommodates mounting of thermometers, probes, etc.
UL and C-UL listed.

Top Plate: 18W x 18L cm (7 x 7")
Overall: (29.9W x 11.43H x 21.8D cm) 11.8 x 4.5 x 8.6"
Stirring Bar: 50L x 9.5dia. mm (2 x 3/8")
Item No. Description Price
MSD-2778 120V, 60Hz, 0.3A (S18525)      Stirrer Only $267.00
MSD-2777 120V, 60Hz, 0.3A (HP18325)    Hot Plate Only $237.00
MSD-2776 120V, 60Hz, 0.3A (SP18525)    Stirrer/Hot Plate $407.00


Cimarec* HotPlate/Stirrers by Thermolyne
For maximum versatility in both heating and stirring. Hot plate stirrer tops formed of a high-performance engineered ceramic offer a combination of high impact strength, acid and alkali resistance, an extremely uniform level surface for maximum heat transfer and a bright white reflective surface to enhance visibility. Infinite temperature selection is provided by a percentage input controller and maximum operating temperature of 1000F is reached in just 8 minutes. Stirring speeds range from 100 rpm for gentle agitation to 1000 rpm for vigorous mixing.

The direct drive motor/magnet system provides quiet as well as strong magnetic coupling, ensuring that the stirring bar stays locked with the drive magnet even in viscous solutions. A rugged cast aluminum body for optimum stability and durability. Drip edge under top plate channels spilled liquid away from knobs and interior components. A power indicator light is illuminated whenever power is applied to the control. All Cimarec stirring hot plates are CSA listed.
Not recommended for use with metal vessels.

  Cimarec 1 (120V) Cimarec 2 (120V) Cimarec 3 (120V) Cimarec 3 (240V)
Temp. Range: 150–538C 150–538C 120–370C 150–538C
Stirring Speed: 100–1000rpm 100–1000rpm 100–1000rpm 100–1000rpm
Stirring Bar Dim.: 2.5x0.8 dia. cm 5.1x1 dia. cm 5.1x1 dia. cm 5.1x1 dia. cm
Surface Dim.: 10x10cm 17.8x17.8cm 30.5x30.5cm 30.5x30.5cm
Weight: 2.2kg 3.5kg 6.6kg 6.6kg
Mfg. No. SP46615 SP46925 SP47235 SP47230
Item No. MSD-2776-A MSD-2776-B TL-47235 TL-SP47230
Price $305.00 $334.00 $439.00 $439.00


"Color Squid" Magnetic Stirrers
Fun Yet Functional
Stirring Capacity up to 1000 ml
Ideal for Stirring Low Viscosity Liquids
Two-Year Warranty

The Color Squid is a fun new way to brighten up your lab and get a reliable tool for your benchtop. This fully functional magnetic stirrer can handle mixing operations up to 1000 ml and comes in a lively selection of vibrant designs.
Stirrers feature strong driving magnet for smooth to intensive mixing. Speed range is ideal for stirring a wide variety of liquids. Variable drive control is maintenance-free and can be used worldwide. Durable glass top and chemical-resistant Hytrel* plastic construction has a precision seal to protect motor from accidental spills. Available in 2 colorful designs.
SPECIFICATIONS Description Item No. Price
Dimensions, Top: 5.1H x 12.7 cm dia. (2 x 5") COMPASS Stirrer 33994-356 $123
Electrical: 115V, 0.5 W
TURN CRAZY Stirrer 33994-358
Speed Range: 0–1500 rpm



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