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Pocket Sling Psychrometer - Self-contained sling pocket case and slide rule sling psychrometer. Range 20 to 120F. High-impact plastic. White on black scale markings. 5/8" and 6 7/8" for easy pocket carry. Mercury filled. C and PermacolorTM red liquid fill available.

Item Number Description Price
MSD-11030-A Pocket Sling Psychrometer. Farenheit -20 to 120 F $81.00
MSD-11030-B Pocket Sling Psychrometer. Centigrade 0 to 50 C $81.00


Sling Psychrometer
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9" tubes recessed in gray metal back. Folding swivel handle. 20 to 120F range in 1 divisions. Boxed with spare wicks and instructions.
C and PermacolorTM (non-mercury) fill models available.


Item Number Description Price
TA-1328 Sling Psychrometer $99.00


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