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Amphibious Solar Car
OWI-688.jpg (31570 bytes) #OWI-688  $39.95
This kit teaches and introduces the fundamentals of solar power through hands-on experiments. The sun or any intense mobile light can power the solar battery. The multiple function switch (solar or battery) allows this kit to be energized day or night, indoors or outdoors. Its scientifically structured catamaran design reduces water resistance and makes capsizing more difficult. The user can explore different types of energy and energy conversion with this land and water vehicle. Discover the world of alternative energy by learning what materials solar batteries are made from, characteristics of solar batteries, advantages, and disadvantages of solar. Dr. Toy, Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D., author, consultant and expert on child development and children's products says, "PHENOMENAL! - Amphibious Solar Vehicle is the toy for the new millennium...Land, Water, Solar Power, WOW! This is the way future technology is taking us."


Triple Action Solar Car
OWI685-Triple Action Solar Car.jpg (8717 bytes) #OWI-685   $39.95
An exciting way to demonstrate the use of alternative energy.
Powerful 1.4volt - 350 milliampre solar cell, and a multispeed transmission.
Two way battery source for solar or battery power.


Jet Racer
OWI654-Jet Racer.jpg (2740 bytes) #OWI-654   $19.95
Jet Racer offers exploration in air-propelled, direct motor drive or solar motorized
(optional) application.  Plus mini construction projects that teach the basic principles
of electricity.


Scoot Car
OWI655-Scoot Car.jpg (2606 bytes) #OWI-655  $19.95
Fun Filled exercises utilizing three principles of locomotion; Air-propelled, direct-
motor driven or solar motorized (optional) application. Mini electricity projects included.


Hyper Peppy
MSD-4911 Hyper Peppy.jpg (4267 bytes) #MSD-4911 $24.95
Selected by the Institute for Childhood Resources as "100 BEST Children's Products"
and "TOP 10 Creative Products" for 1995 exemplifies the spunky characteristics of
this little robot. Power Source 2 - "AA" Batteries


Soccer Robot
MSD-4912 Soccer Robot.jpg (3213 bytes) #MSD-4912  $44.95
Soccer Robot has six operational kicking mechanisms and includes a control box
and ball. It runs forward, backward, turns left or right, and executes 360 degree
turns.  Have fun developing your hand/eye coordination skills.



IntermediateX.gif (1040 bytes) EDUCATIONAL & ELECTRONIC ROBOT KITS


OWI-MV965.jpg (30464 bytes)#OWI-MV965   $74.95 a gliding motion...
Cyclone Robot Kit, the unique "wonder ball" will traject you to another age, another
dimension, another galaxy. Powered by a wireless remote radio controller,
Cyclone responds instantly to commands of 'spin,' 'swivel,' 'forward,' 'backward,
' 'left,' 'or 'right.' Four different frequency settings offer a multitude of challenges,
including speed races or timed, maz competitions. Control sticks afford the user
complete control even as Cyclone swivels wildly from left to right. As friends stare
in wonder, they will be repeatedly inquiring, "How does it move?"

Cyclone possesses a certain mystery and stands apart from other MOVIT family
members. Its unique design includes domes that protrude from the sides of two
parallel wheels and a see-through membrane that permits interior viewing to
engage the eye. Engineers also will be intrigued by: a motion system based upon
drive wheels and concentric discs that allow the user to propel its movement and;
a ballast created by the batteries' weight to keep Cyclone's center upright. Cyclone
provides basic knowledge of radio waves and principles of gear mechanism and is
destined to windstorm users to a world of fun.


Navius - Programmable
MV938-Navius.jpg (3360 bytes) #MSD-4913   $59.95
Navius is controlled by black & white patterns on a disk, which are read by an infrared sensor.
Particular patterns activate either wheels, or make the robot pause.
These on/off commnads illustrate the basic principles of binary coding.
To change a movement program, the operator creates a new disk pattern.


Mecha Medusa - Sound Sensor
MV949-Mecha Medusa.jpg (3582 bytes) #MSD-4910  $39.95
A stronger, Mecha-Medusa is a walking robot that operates with the aid of a sound sensor.
Clap hands or snap fingers to command this robot to start walking on four legs.
Stops automatically after preset time. Ideal for the hobbyist or budding scientist.
Power Source: 2 - "N" batteries


WAO II - Programmable
MV961-WAO II.jpg (3328 bytes) #OWI-961  $99.95
Fit a pen into the pen holder on the bottom, and this educational robot draws turtle-type graphics -
straight lines, circles, even words and short phrases. The operator can also design sophisticated
programs involving loops and conditional "feelers", one can gain experience with robot sensors.
A built-in RS-232C port provides communication with an Apple II, IIe, II+ computer.

Spider - Infrared Sensor
MV962-Spider.jpg (3423 bytes) #OWI-962   $69.95
An intelligent robot that avoids interference. This robot emits an infrared beam; detects obstacles
in front of the robot, signaling it to change direction and continue movement. Its six legs allow it to
simulate the walking action of a spider.


Line tracker - Infrared Sensor
MV963-Line Tracker.jpg (3203 bytes) #MSD-5884   $69.95
Similar to mail couriers used in large corporations, Line tracker follows a designed course.
By using an infrared emitter and light sensor circuitry, it demonstrates how robots "see" a pathway.
Make a pathway with a black felt marker or black tape and watch how infrared sensors enable the
robot's motors to make course corrections.


Robotic Arm Trainer
OWI007-Robotic Arm.jpg (4381 bytes) #OWI-007    $84.95
Teaches the basic robotic sensing and locomotion principles while testing motor skills.
Includes a 5 switch wired controller to grab, release, lift, lower, rotate wrist and pivot sideways 120. Transparent arm shows the state-of-the-art gear mechanism.
5 motors and 5 joints allow flexibility and fun!



advanced.gif (1070 bytes) EDUCATIONAL & ELECTRONIC ROBOT KITS


S-CARGO - Sound Sensor
OWI936K-S Cargo.jpg (6167 bytes) # OWI-936K  $36.95
S-Cargo will not break the speed of sound, but accuracy and immediate response to a command
is its calling. This robot is controlled by a condenser microphone and a printed circuit board.
Each time its sound sensor hears your command, it reacts.
Command it to spin left, stop, proceed forward and stop.
Power Source: 2 - "AA" batteries & 1 - 9volt battery.


The Following Robots are available in Advanced Soldering Kits.
MV961-WAO II.jpg (3328 bytes) MV962-Spider.jpg (3423 bytes) MV963-Line Tracker.jpg (3203 bytes) MSD-4911 Hyper Peppy.jpg (4267 bytes) MV979-Moon Walker.jpg (3024 bytes)
Line Tracker
Hyper Peppy
#OWI-961K #OWI-962K #OWI-963K #OWI-969K #OWI-989K

Other Great-for-Science Projects by OWI....
Gear Box Big.jpg (12083 bytes) ONE-TOUCH SELECTABLE GEAR BOX
Great Science fair project item! If you need speed variations, look no further. Drive pulleys, cars, wheels, or fans with high torque or speed. Adjustable mounting brackets allow for flexibility in project application.
With one touch of the slide switch, three gear ratios are
possible: 6.8:1, 45.97:1, 310.74:1, 17.68:1, 119.52:1
or 807.93:1
Motor performance at maximum efficiency:
Voltage: 1.5 - 3.0v,  Speed: 6992 RPM, 
Current:  0.663A,  Voltage:  6.02GCM.  0.591 MNM



These interstellar "acro-bats" walk up windows, meander down mirrors,
and bring fun to your filing cabinets. Patented suction mechanism firmly
clings to any smooth glass or metal surface, climbs up, down, around...
even upside-down!
Really works... you have to see this one to believe it!

Actual Size appx:5"

Price $12.99


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