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All Weather Rain Gauge
PECO-88991.jpg (10179 bytes) Made to U.S. Weather Bureau specifications.
Collects rain in top, funnels it to removable inner
tube graduated in English or metric.
Overflow chamber catches excess for later measurement.
Rugged butyrate plastic. Mounting bracket and one-year
reainfall record included.

Item# PECO-88991
Price $33.95


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Ideal for gardener, farmer, hobbyists or outdoorsman.
Precision gauge 5" capacity.
Clear, tough butyrate
Easy to read, install and clean.
Complete with bracket, instructions and chart.
Collector diameter 2"
11-7/8" Long

Item No. MSD-8180
Price $13.99


Six Way Weather Meter
MSD-3298.jpg (71862 bytes) Rain Gauge, Wind Direction, Wind Speed,
Wind Chill Chart, Total Rain, Temperature.

Item# MSD-3298
Price $6.99


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