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Impact resistant, chip-proof, balanced wheel, injection molded V-grove, 2" diameter.
The housing is a steel block with swivel hooks attached at top and bottom, complete 360.
Item No. Description Price
70228A Single $2.99
70228B Double $3.99
70228C Triple $4.99
70228D Quadruple $5.99


As a scientific instrument it is used to demonstrate the principle of rotation, attraction and equilibrium of bodies in motion, the center of gravity and centrifugal force.
Item# MSD-70031


Stirling Engine
GN-1899.gif (8710 bytes) Stirling Engine is an external combustion engine. This is a hot air engine which takes advantage of the expanding and contracting nature of air. Operates on any outside heat source. Fuels that can be used are wood, gas, coal, electricity, or solar. Complete instructions included.
Item# GN-1899
Price  $34.50
GN-1896.gif (5863 bytes) Simplified Sterling Engine
The heat from a small candle sends this sterling engine model into oscillation almost immediately. Easy to construct, this unit very visibly demonstrates the sterling engine principle. A test tube acts as the cylinder and four marbles work as a transfer piston.
Item# GN-1896
Price  $18.99


Item No. Description Price
9400 Full Meter. Metric & English scales, hardwood, natural finish. $3.99
9402 Same as #9400 with Metal Ends $5.50


Knife Switches
MSD-70020.gif (3791 bytes)
Item No. Description Price
70020-A Mini Knife Switch; 1 pole, 1 throw $2.85
70020-B Mini Knife Switch; 1 pole, 2 throw $3.30
70020-C Mini Knife Switch; 2 pole, 1 throw $3.85
70020-D Mini Knife Switch; 2 pole, 2 throw $4.25


Miniature Lamp Receptacle
MSD-70025.gif (2650 bytes) Porcelain lamp sockets with screw-type binding posts.

Item# MSD-70025
Price  $2.75


Telegraph Key
MSD-1994.gif (2627 bytes) Demonstrates how an electric circuit is momentarily open or closed.
Mounted on a plastic base with 2 binding posts.
Item# MSD-1994
Price  $4.99


Bunsen Burner
Item No. Description Price
3675 L P Gas Burner. Upright form 8" height. An excellent burner for laboratories lacking gas connections. Uses liquified petroleum gas which produces an intensely hot (up to 3000F) clean, blue flame. Inexpensive fuel tanks may be discarded when empty. Refill tanks easily attached. Provides up to 6 hours continuous use on one tank. (Additional $20.00 Hazard Shipping Charge) $43.75
(Additional $22.00 Hazard Shipping Charge.)
3676 Replacement Fuel Tank
(Additional $20.00 Hazard Shipping Charge.)
(Additional $22.00 Hazard Shipping Charge.)
Gas Lighter. A Safety gas lighter producing the igniting sparks by rubbing an alloy metal upon a tile surface. All metal part renewable. $  2.50


NSI-6090.gif (16154 bytes)
Item No. Description Price
NSI-2636 Wooden Colored Blocks 26 piece set $  9.99
NSI-5254 Wooden Colored Blocks 52 piece set $16.99


Hydraulic Pump Kit


Build a working pump!
See-through housing lets observers see the
differences between air and water pumps.

Item# LER-2023

Price $14.95



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