pH Meters
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msd-2703(2).jpg (1957 bytes) Pocket pH Meter # MSD-2703
Completely waterproof, can be fully immersed in water. Easy-to-read LCD. 700 hours of battery life. Automatic temperature compensation.
Rugged, integral pH electrode in protective housing. Sealed protective cap can be filled with water to keep electrode activated and to prolong its life. Range: 0.00 to 14.00 pH, Accuracy:0.1pH, Weight: 3oz.
Item# MSD-2703   $79.95
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   Model 57
pH Meters Models 57 & 59
These portable meters are designed for convenience and accuracy in the field or laboratory. Model 57 displays pH to .1 pH unit, Model 59 to .01 pH unit. Both meters read pH from 0-14 and have the following features:
Manual Temperature Compensation, Standardize, Front Panel Slope Adjust, and a battery pack. Both are sold in kit form including Meter, Combination Electrode, buffer solutions 4, 7, 10 and easy to follow instructions in a solid  vinyl case.
Both meters are guaranteed for two years. Electrodes for Six months.
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   Model 59
Model 57
Item# EN-57   $205.64

Model 59
Item# EN-59   $253.17
EN-60-B.JPG (11696 bytes) Model 60 pH Meter
Measures pH from 0-14 or millivolts up to 1999 MV.
Featuring manual temperature compensation from 0-100 centigrade,

standardize adjust and slope control. Sold in kit form, Model 60 includes
the Meter, a combination gel-filled electrode, instructions, carrying case
and calibrating buffers 4, 7 and 10.
Display: LCD   Connector: BNC   Power: 9-volt
Warranty: Two years meter; six months electrode.
Item# EN-60   $347.26
EN-64-B.JPG (10419 bytes) Model 64 pH meter
Capable of measuring pH from 0-14, millivolts to 1999 and displaying temperature, Model 64 features automatic temperature compensation
from 0-100 centigrade. When used with 35-1500 electrode, Model 64 also provides ORP readings. This meter is sold in kit form including Meter,
a combination gel-filled electrode, temperature sensor, buffer solutions
4, 7 and 10, a 9-volt battery, instructions and a solid vinyl carrying case.
Item# EN-64   $399.64
EN-64-B_Case.JPG (4694 bytes) (picture Model 64 in carrying case.)
EN-666768-B.JPG (5307 bytes) Microprocessor-Based pH Meters.
Models 66, 67 and 69 are the newly expanded line of pH meters
which maintain the high-quality manufacutring standards while
adding automatic performance, advanced software and expanded
pH, mV, temperature and ion measurement ranges.
Item No.
pH Range
66  67  69 
EN-66 EN-67 EN-69
$415.16 $467.54 $518.95
-2.00 to 19.99 -2.00 to 19.99 2.00 to 19.99
80 to 120% 80 to 120% 80 to 120%
0.02 pH 0.02 pH 0.02 pH
N/A Printer Printer/Terminal
EN-72-B.JPG (4410 bytes) Models 72 & 76 Conductivity Meter
These multi-range meters will display your readings in micromhos/cm or mg/L with the flick of a function switch. Model 72 measures the four lower ranges; Model 76 the four higher ranges. Both meters come in kit form including Meter, Conductivity Electrode, Instructions and a solid vinyl carrying case. Accuracy: 2.5% of full scale; Power 9-volt battery.
Warranty: Meter two years. Electrode, six months.
Price $439.41 (either model)
Ranges Model 72
Item# EN-72
10,100,1000 and 10K micromhos/cm
Ranges Model 76
Item# EN-76
100,1000,10K and 100K micromhos/cm
EN-600-B.JPG (4704 bytes) Oxygen Analyzer Model 600
With its unique galvanic sensor, this meter measures both the percent concentration
of oxygen in air as well as parts per million dissolved in aqueous solutions. It reads a range of 0-100% concentration and 0-20.0 ppm. The galvanic sensor is totally sealed from the environment, requiring no membrane replacements and has a typical life of 12 months. The sensor is temperature compensated to maintain accuracy for aire calibration. Its flow rate sensitivity requires only a 0.5 ft/second flow for accurate readings. The sensor can safely withstand 25psi (60-foot depth in water). Model 600 comes in a kit form complete with meter, standard 5-ft sensor, carrying case and instructions. Optional sensor lengths are available up to 100 feet.
Warranty: Meter: two years, Sensor: six months
Item# EN-600
Price  $590.73
Mdl-800_Turbidimeter-B.JPG (5543 bytes) Turbidity Meter Model 800
Used to determine the clarity in liquid, Model 800 measures the amount of suspended particles in your sample. It is designed to read the amount of reflected light at 90 degrees to the incident angle of a light source. This unit meets EPA specifications for measuring the turbidity of drinking water. Model 800 has two full scale ranges of 20 and 200 NTU's. The meter comes with Formazin for making a standardizing solution, a filter/syringe assembly for producing turbidity free reference, and six sample vials.
A rechargeable battery pack enables this laboratory instrument to be used in the field.
This optional accessory will provide power for approximately 180 samples before recharging.
Item# EN-800
Price   $721.68


Item No. Description Price
AS-1460-500 Buffer Solution pH 4 (RED) Traceable to N.I.S.T. 500ml  msds


AS-1460-1000 Buffer Solution pH 4 (RED) Traceable to N.I.S.T. 1000ml  msds $21.03
AS-1460-4 Buffer Solution pH 4 (RED) Traceable to N.I.S.T.  4 Liter  msds $48.31
AS-1500-500 Buffer Solution pH 7 (YELLOW) Traceable to N.I.S.T.  500ml  msds $13.59
AS-1500-1000 Buffer Solution pH 7 (YELLOW) Traceable to N.I.S.T.  1000ml  msds $21.03
AS-1500-4 Buffer Solution pH 7 (YELLOW) Traceable to N.I.S.T.  4 Liter  msds $48.31
AS-1525-500 Buffer Solution pH 10 (BLUE) Traceable to N.I.S.T.  500ml  msds $13.59
AS-1525-1000 Buffer Solution pH 10 (BLUE) Traceable to N.I.S.T.  1000ml  msds $21.03
AS-1525-4 Buffer Solution pH 10 (BLUE) Traceable to N.I.S.T.  4 Liter  msds $48.31


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