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The Famous Tasco "Big Screen" Microscope returns!  Model 6080-7
TAS-6080-7.gif (27548 bytes) The famous Tasco "Big Screen" microscope is an unique
learning tool that gives kids the big picture of a microscopic
world. It works in two ways:

1.  Kids can view objects up to 450 times larger than the
specimen itself through a pull-up eyepiece like a conventional

2.  Unconventionally, this microscope features a 7 inch screen
that displays a projected image up to 3200 times larger than
it can be seen with the naked eye. Great for individual viewing
but even better for a group of friends or parent/teacher & child.  

A truly wonderful teaching tool. It includes an assortment of discovery tools to start kids experimenting right away: 3 blank, deep well slides, 2 cover slips, 24 slide stickers, specimens of wool, leaf, feather, and nylon. One each of tweezers, eyedropper, scalpel, spatula, and small spoon.
Item# TAS-6080-7  
Price $67.95


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