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4-Cylinder Model Engine
NSI-9080.gif (17150 bytes) Motor Works™
Ages 8 and up. Learn how a real engine works.
Build a real working battery-powered 4-cylinder model engine with
real lights and sounds. Watch the spark plugs fire the valves open
and closed, and the belts and fans turn. Screwdriver included.
Uses 2 "AA" batteries, not included.
Item No. Description Price
MSD-70500 Popular Mechanics for Kids™ Motor-Works™
4-Cylinder Model Engine


Power Toolshop
NSI-9010.gif (20565 bytes) Real Power Toolshop™
Ages 8 and up. Amazing motorized workshop designed to quickly
and easily cut wood. Four REAL tools in one; drill press, sander,
jigsaw and wood lathe are easily interchangeable.
Totally safe and fun to use.

Item No. Description Price
NSI-9010 Popular Mechanics for Kids™ Real Power Toolshop™ $39.95



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