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Butterfly Garden. Watch caterpillars grow into colorful butterflies- then set them free!
The Butterfly Garden makes it possible to study the caterpillar's transition as it matures, changes into a chrysalis, and finally emerges as a butterfly. Included in your Butterfly Garden kit is a free certificate to be redeemed for half-grown caterpillars. This has been done to insure receiving caterpillars when you want them. Each culture contains three to five caterpillars plus enough nutrient fo their development. Also included is a colorful butterfly house, a butterfly feeding kit, instructions on their care and interesting butterfly information. # INL-1010  $23.00
Live Butterfly Culture Certificate. The Live Butterfly Culture is a sealed unit containing three to five caterpillars with enough nutrient to complete their development. This is the same unit provided with the The Butterfly Garden. Included are instructions and fun butterfly facts. This certificate must be mailed to redeem the caterpillars. The butterfly house is not included. # INL-1020   $15.95
Ladybug Lodge - A Live Ladybug Discovery Kit. Ladybugs are one of mankind's favorite insects. Now you can discover the world of live ladybugs with this fascinating, hands-on science kit.
The kit comes complete with a sturdy Ladybug Lodge house, a certificate to mail away for 75 to 100 live ladybugs, an instruction guide with fun ladybug facts, a magnifying lens, an activity guide, 2 chains of linked ladybugs and humane ladybug experiments written by a real science teacher.
Note: Live Ladybugs are not available from March through May.
# INL-1012  $14.95


Item No. Description Price
MSD-749 Butterfly Net, 10" Hoop,11" Net, 23" Handle $ 5.59


Item No. Riker Mounts 7/8" depth Price
IRD-B206 Riker Mount 4" x 5" $  7.99
IRD-B204 Riker Mount 6˝" x 8˝" $10.99
IRD-B203 Riker Mount 8" x 12" $12.99
IRD-B201 Riker Mount 12" x 16" $17.99


Item No. Insect Display Cases 2" depth Price
IRB-B212 8" x 12" IDC $21.95
IRB-B211 12" x 16" IDC $25.99


Item No. Description Price
MX160 Insect Pins Size: 0 , 1˝ Length 100/pack $  5.99
MX160-C Insect Pins Size: 3 , 1˝ Length 100/pack $  5.99
MSD-2934 Spreading Board 14" Adjustable Pine $16.99


12100-insect-observatory.jpg (3064 bytes) INSECT OBSERVATORY
Magnifying Insect Box. Two Sizes Available.
Item# MSD-5060-A  1x1"          4x magnification  $0.99
Item# MSD-5060-B  1.5"x1.5"  3x magnification  $1.99


Ant Farms
Giant Ant Farm Mini Ant Farms & Antville
Item No. Description Price
2201 Giant Ant Farm. 10 x 15" with Certificate for Live Ants $22.99
618 Regular Ant Farm. 6 x 9" with Certificate for Live ants $11.99
616 Mini Ant Farm. 6 x 4" with Certificate for Live Ants $  6.99
UMI-21 Antville (Connectable to other Ant FarmŽ habitats) $16.99
NOTE: Not sold out of the Continental United States.


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