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For over 50 years, Dowling has been the cutting edge leader in the development
of magnetic technology and awareness. These products are designed for pain
relief and preventative therapy for specific body parts. Magnetic therapy
enegizes and oxygenizes the blood, allowing it to flow more freely to an
inflamed area.
Wrist Wrap.JPG (2796 bytes) Wrist Wrap.
4x500 gauss Magnets
Golf Tennis.JPG (4735 bytes) Golf/Tennis Elbow Wrap
4x500 gauss Magnets
Full Elbow Wrap.JPG (3388 bytes) Full Elbow Wrap
8x500 gauss Magnets
Waist Wrap.JPG (4667 bytes) Waist Wrap
16x500 gauss Magnets
Knee C-Patella.JPG (4515 bytes) Knee Wrap
Closed Patella
12x500 gauss Magnets
Knee O-Patella.JPG (3019 bytes) Knee Wrap
Open Patella
12x500 gauss Magnets
Thigh Wrap.JPG (3006 bytes) Thigh Wrap
12x500 gauss Magnets
Shin-Calf.JPG (3250 bytes) Shin Wrap
12x500 gauss Magnets
Ankle.JPG (4772 bytes) Ankle Wrap
Velcro Closure
8x500 gauss Magnets
Prostate - Sex.JPG (2571 bytes) Prostate Comfort Disk. 1500 gauss
#DMM-110  $75.00
Sex Magnet. 600 gauss
#DMM-111  $26.95
Insoles Flex.JPG (4164 bytes) Flexible Insoles
8x800 guass Magnets
Insoles Foam.JPG (4119 bytes) Foam Insoles
8x800 gauss Magnets
Bracelets.JPG (5091 bytes)
Item No. Description Price
#DMM-116 Bracelets. 400 gauss Magnets Gold/Silver $29.95
#DMM-117 Bracelets. 400 gauss Magnets Silver $29.95
#DMM-118 Bracelets. 400 gauss Magnets Gold/Silver/Copper $34.95
#DMM-119 Bracelets. 400 gauss Magnets Silver Ball (Limited Qty) $31.95
Ear Clips.JPG (3262 bytes)
Item No. Description Price
#DMM-120 Ear Clips Pearl.400 gauss $19.95
#DMM-121 Ear Clips Gold. 65 gauss $19.95
#DMM-122 Ear Clips Clear Stone. 300 gauss $19.95
Mattress.JPG (6647 bytes) Mattress & Pillow Pad
40x500 gauss / Pillow Pad
160x500 gauss / Mattress
Adhesive Magnet Dots
Magnet Dots.JPG (8056 bytes)
Item No. Description Price
#DMM-125 35 Magnet Dots in Strip 2.25"Wx8"L
Cut to Fit. 300 gauss.
#DMM-126 Black Ceramic Dots
20/Set. 700 gauss.
#DMM-127 Neodymium Dots. 10/Set with
extra circles. 2500 gauss.
Books.JPG (5849 bytes) Books
#DMM-124  $19.95
"The Body Magnetic" by Buryl Paine, Ph.d
#DMM-128  $14.95
"Getting Started with Magnets"
by Buryl Paine, Ph.d
How Magnets are measured for strength. Gauss is a technical term for magnet
strength interpreted either as a surface reading or the potential of the
magnetic material in a closed circuit. What your body receives is the Gauss
of the surface reading. Dowling lists the surface Gauss in contrast to the less
experienced companies which claim the higher potential reading making it
appear a larger number. Interestingly, there is no strong evidence to date
that stronger magnets are more effective. However, one does achieve deeper
magnetic field body penetration with stronger magnets.
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