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Erlenmeyer Flasks
Erlenmeyer Flasks made of
Clear-as-glass Polycarbonate.
MSD-4674 series
Item Number Size Price each
4674-B 50ml $13.45
4674-C 125ml $16.75
4674-D 250ml $18.50
4674-E 500ml $29.34
4674-F 1000ml $36.90


Erlenmeyer Flasks
Pyrex® Glass
Item Number Size Price each
4670-A 25ml $  5.69
4670-B 50ml $  6.69
4670-C 125ml $  6.99
4670-E 250ml $  7.99
4670-G 500ml $  8.99
4670-H 1000ml $15.99

Volumetric Flask

Item No. Size Price each
4659-AA 10ml $28.70
4659-A 50ml $39.41
4659-B 100ml $42.87
4659-C 250ml $46.34
4659-D 500ml $59.49
4659-E 1000ml $71.04
4659-F 2000ml $94.19
« Glass Alcohol Burner
     Uses Ethyl Alcohol (Ethanol)

                   Aluminum Alcohol Burner »
Item Number Description Price each
MSD-3022 Glass Alcohol Burner $7.99
MSD-3031 Replacement wicks 12/pack $0.35¢ each
$3.48 /pack of 12
MSD-2780 Aluminum Alcohol Burner 4oz. $29.00


Autoclave, Electric Automatic Steroclave.
A complete self-contained Sterilizer with an immersion heating element, automatic thermostatic control, automatic release valve and pilot light.
Connects to any outlet, ready for use instantly. Insures complete, efficient Sterilization. Automatic in operation, controlled by Fenwal Thermostat, metal-to-metal (no rubber gaskets). Large capacity, 831 cubic inches.
100 watt heater, 110V operation.
Item Number Description Price each
4008 Electric Automatic Steroclave $770.00
4009 Non-Electric $408.00


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