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MSD-4530 Series. A smooth 20# paper with medium flow rate and retention make it suitable for  most laboratory work. Equal in quality to Whatman #1.
Item Number Circle Size Price per Package
4530-AA 4.25cm $  5.34
4530-A 5.50cm $  5.34
4530-B 7.50cm $  5.69
4530-C 9.00cm $  6.59
4530-E 11.0cm $  8.99
4530-F 12.5cm $  9.89
4530-G 15.0cm $11.60
4530-H 18.5cm $14.55
4530-K 20.5cm $17.95
4530-M 25.0cm $24.37
4530-N 27.0cm $24.99
4530-P 33.0cm $29.95
MSD-4532 Series. Medium retention and fast flow rate make this paper a workhorse for many qualitative
analyses. Equal to Whatman #4.
Item Number Circle Size Price per Package
4532-A 7.50cm $  7.39
4532-B 9.00cm $  8.32
4532-D 11.0cm $  9.62
4532-E 12.5cm $12.11
4532-F 15.0cm $17.45
4532-G 20.5cm $22.31
4532-H 25.0cm $31.28
4532-K 33.0cm $44.64
MSD-4535 Series. Thickness of 0.19 inches. A fast, creped sheet especially suited for Buchner funnel
filtration of organic preparations and heavy or thick liquids. 50 Circles/Package
Item Number Circle Size Price per Package
4535-A 7.50cm $  6.99
4535-B 9.00cm $  7.99
4535-D 11.0cm $  9.99
4535-F 12.5cm $11.00
4535-K 15.0cm $13.99
4535-L 18.5cm $15.99
4535-O 25.0cm $27.25
MSD-4536 Series. Glass Fiber Holypor. This filter paper is recommended for filtering
precipitated proteins, cells, air pollution monitoring. Borosilicte glass filter for general
routine filtration with high retentive qualities and fast flow.
Item Number Circle Size Price per Package
4536-A-25 5.50cm/ 25 sheets $15.95
4536-B-25 9.00cm/ 25 sheets $29.95
4536-A-100 5.50cm/ 100 sheets $47.59
4536-B-100 9.00cm/ 100 sheets $79.94


Chromatography Paper
Item Number Size 57x64cm Square Price
4537-1 Single Sheet $  2.49
4537 100 Sheet Package $99.95



Funnels. Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Pyrex®.
Funnels, Standard Stem, Polypropylene. Unbreakable, Autoclavable line of funnels
with an exclusive filter step for faster filtrations. External ribs prevent airlock.
Item No. TOP Diameter STEM Length Uses Filter Paper Price each
4735-B 55mm 60mm 90mm $  3.26
4735-C 65mm 65mm 110mm $  3.59
4735-D 75mm 75mm 125mm $  4.85
4735-E 100mm 100mm 185mm $  6.95

Funnels, Powder, Polypropylene. Autoclavable funnels that are useful for transferring
powders or large volumes of liquid. The parallel stem minimizes bridging of powder.
External ribbing prevents airlock.

Item No. TOP Diameter STEM Diameter STEM Length Price each
4736-B 65mm 15mm 25mm $  4.99
4736-C 100mm 20mm 30mm $  6.95
4736-D 150mm 28mm 30mm $  7.95

Funnels, Economical, Polyethylene. Utility funnel for general purpose use.

Item No. TOP Diameter STEM Diameter Price each
4075-A 65mm 10mm $  2.75
4075-B 85mm 10mm $  3.15
4075-C 100mm 12mm $  3.75
4075-D 120mm 13mm $  6.25
4075-E 160mm 16mm $  8.89
4075-F 200mm 18mm $10.50
4075G-KIT Set of one of each of the above   $29.95

Funnels, Pyrex® , Plain, Long Stem, 150mm

Item No. TOP Diameter Uses Filter Paper Diameter Price each
4722-B 50mm 9.00cm $  9.57
4722-C 65mm 11.0cm $10.71
4722-D 75mm 12.5cm $11.56
4722-E 100mm 18.5cm $15.95

Funnels, Fluted, Pyrex® , Long Stem, 150mm. Bowls fluted for rapid filtering.

Item No. TOP Diameter Uses Filter Paper Diameter Price each
4723-A 50mm 9.00cm $14.82
4723-C 75mm 12.5cm $15.82
4723-D 100mm 18.5cm $21.95

Funnels, Pyrex® , Powder. Short Stem designed for transferring powders or filling bottles.

Item No. TOP Diameter Price each
2806-A 65mm $12.95
2806-B 100mm $19.95
2806-C 150mm $59.95

Funnels, Pyrex® , Plain. Short Stem, 4" Length, 3/8" wide I.D. stem allows for rapid flow of liquids.
125mm Diameter.   Item# MSD-4727  $25.75


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