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More people have started with this timeless rocket than
any other in history of the world! Feature a brightly
molded one-piece fin unit and nose cone and engines
and three fantastic parachute recovered flights.

Item No. MSD-671

Price $32.99
Huge, rip-roaring rocket with helicopter revovered
nose cone. The nearly 3 foot tall rocket has a
colorful, extra large decal sheet and engines for
your first three flights.

Item No. EI-1465

Price $33.89
Sport scale of the actual Space Shuttle Orbiter.
Flies like the real thing! Rockets to 300 feet and
glides back to earth!
The power pod returns with a parachute.
Includes two engines for two missions!

Item No. EI-1467

Price $37.99

A great starting point for the first time rocketeer!
High performance design with two interchangeable
recovery systems. Includes a parachute for soft
landings and a streamer for high altitude flights.
Also includes engines for the first two flights!

Item No. EI-1473

Price $30.99


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