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edi-4050.jpg (65106 bytes) ELECTRONICS 6-IN-ONE
There are hours of fun and science learning in this one TopLab, as you build six exciting electronic devices - an alarm system, a fire alarm, a musical organ, a siren, a sound effects generator, and a radio.
Battery not included.
For ages 10 & up.
ITEM# EDI-4050
edi-4055.jpg (68694 bytes) NATURE'S ELECTRICITY
Experiments and science projects utilizing electricity produced with fruits, vegetables, and common household substances like salt, detergent and bleach! light up some lights, make an electromagnet, do experiments in Electro-chemistry, even power an electric clock. Battery not included.
ITEM# EDI-4055
edi-4080.jpg (63622 bytes) SUPER CIRCUIT LAB
Build over 20 fascinating circuits. This kit is designed so that young people can learn, play, and have fun safely with basic electric circuits. Includes: Light circuit, Motor circuit, Resistor circuit, Alarm circuit, and much more! The kit begins simply and progresses to more complex circuits.
For ages 10 & up.
ITEM# EDI-4080
edi-8500.jpg (60894 bytes) INTERCOM LAB
Have fun and learn about electronics. The kit include two consoles - assemble two projects at the same time! Experiments and activities include: Intercom, photocell alarm, lie detector, Moisture meter, and
many others. No soldering necessary.
For ages 10 and up.
ITEM# EDI-8500


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