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Smithsonian Chemistry Set - MicroChem XM 5000 This super safe chemistry set includes over 1500 experiments and procedures! It includes 20 microchemical vials, safety goggles, test tubes, measuring cups, galvanometer, laboratory balance, pipettes, microplate, and is contained in a standing storage chest. Perform over 1500 experiments in the gaseous phases of matter, chemical models, solutions, acid and bases, electro-chemistry, organic chemistry and much more. The revolutionary concept uses the latest in MicroChemistry Technology, and the experiments are approved by the Smithsonian Institution Scientists. Warning: To be used solely under the supervision of adults. Contains some chemicals which can be harmful if misused. Keep out of the reach of small children.


ITEM# MSD-2579  $55.95

NSI-750.gif (16347 bytes) Mega Science Lab™
Ages 10 and up. Experiment with chemistry, biology, volcano, crystal growing and weather with this one-of-a-kind science set. Bioscope™ magnifying device accommodates a microscope slide, live specimen holder and tweezer attachment. Grow a crystal and erupt a simulated volcano.

ITEM# NSI-750     $27.95

Chemlab 1100™
This teacher-designed chemistry set will increase students knowledge of chemistry as well as provoke additional interest in science. Ideal for school projects and fairs.
Each set contains: 11 chemicals; chemical rack; battery cap; experiment tray; pop beads; pH paper & chart; litmus paper; pipettes; chromatography paper; well plate; plastic test tubes, caps and rack; filter paper; measuring scoop; funnel; beam balance; and fully illustrated, fun manual.

ITEM# MSD-3304-B  $33.99
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Chem C1000 is the ideal starter chemistry set for ages 10 and up. Seventy-five experiments in a 40-page experiment manual explore everything from acids and bases to electro-chemical reactions in action-packed, hands-on experiments. Excellent quality equipment and chemicals provide the correct tools for serious learning and serious fun, in experiments that can be performed over and over again.




ITEM# TK-644017  $ 79.95

Chem C2000 contains all the experiments of CHEM C1000, plus 175 more, for a total of 250 different experiments! After gaining the introductory lab experience from the experiments in the CHEM C1000 portion of the kit, more advanced tools, such as an alcohol burner, are introduced for more complex experiments. Young chemists separate mixtures, perform experiments with heat, investigate chemistry in cooking and cleaning, and discover fascinating new chemicals that fizz, shine, bubble, change color and even glow in the dark!



ITEM# TK-644512  $149.95


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