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Visible Horse™ Model
This authentically scaled-down version of a thoroughbred equine is a perfect project for 4-H and scouting. It builds up into an impressive kit measuring 14 inches in length and 12 inches tall. It features highly detailed parts representing the structures of the skeleton and vital organs unique to one of man's most important domesticated animals.

ITEM# SC-74628  $26.95

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Visible Man
Anatomically correct and beautifully detailed, this visible human kit is molded in exact scale and is 16 inches tall when assembled. All the human body's vital systems are represented including: Skeletal, Excretory, Digestive, Nervous, Endocrine, Circulatory and Respiratory systems.
Kit contains: Clear body, complete skeleton, organs, display stand, detailed assembly and painting instructions, and the fully illustrated "Introduction to Anatomy", a 12 page detailed guide to the Visible Man or Visible Woman written by Medical Experts.

ITEM# MSD-70500M  $22.95

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Visible Woman
Description is same as the Visible Man except: The Visible Woman also includes parts to represent a pregnancy.

ITEM# MSD-70500N  $22.95

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Reptile and Amphibian Kit
You actually get six highly detailed models in one kit! Study reptiles and amphibians from various parts of North America in precise detail. These are the ideal school science projects. Answer questions such as: "What do the internal organs of a frog look like?", "How does the chuckwalla escape predators?" and "What does the number of segments on a snake's rattle mean?"  Each kit contains one twice life size Leopard Frog model kit, 5 life-size kits (Alligator, Box Turtle, Prairie Rattler, Red Eft) assembly and painting instructions, and a fun-filled illustrated  manual.)

Item# SC-74629  $12.95     Discontinued 


Skilcraft Science Labs

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Insect Lab™
This fun-to-build, Insect Lab makes an eye-catching, instructional display piece when assembled. The cut-away field cricket is ten times the actual size and contains all organs, glands and muscles. This kit includes five companion specimens including: the Blue Bottle Fly, the Malaria Mosquito, the Red Admiral Butterfly, the Giant Water Bug, and the Polistes Wasp. All the necessary decals and a complete instruction manual are included to make this kit an exceptional value.

ITEM# SC-74547  $21.95    


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