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Laboratory Aprons. Acid resistant Translucent, heavy gauge vinyl plastic; wipe clean instantly. With reinforced straps.
Item No. Description Price
3063-A 27 x 36" L $  9.95
3063-B 36 x 46" L $12.95


Laboratory Aprons. Rubberized Cloth.
Item No. Description Price
3050-B 27 x 36" L $13.95
3050-D 36 x 46" L $15.95


Aprons Disposable. Disposable plastic bib style apron with waist and neck ties attached. Generous size affords excellent protection. Constructed of white opaque poly, which is resistant to most chemicals.
Item No. Description Price/pkg
3061 28 x 46" L  10ea/PKG $  2.99


Laboratory Coats
Made of White Poplin material and distinctly styled, these Laboratory
Coats feature Full Length, Double Thickness Cuffs, Upper Left Breast Pocket pencil seamed, two deep roomy lower pockets, side-slit openings and buttons.
Please specify size when ordering.
Item# 4006

Sizes: 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46 & 48    $32.50

Sizes: 50, 52 & 54   $43.50

Sizes: 56 & 58   $49.95


Latex Gloves
Latex Gloves, SATARI examination gloves. Ultra Light Powder. Low chemical residuals. pH balanced. 9" length with beaded cuff. Packaging 100/box
Item No. Size Price
SSI-P102 Small $  5.95
SSI-P103 Medium $  6.95
SSI-P104 Large $  6.95
SSI-P105 X-Large $  6.95


Latex Gloves, Powder Free. Polymed™ examination gloves. Ambidextrous powder-free gloves. These gloves work well in both wet and dry environments. They are accepted for FDA Low Protein Labeling and are talc-free to minimize related peritonitis, granuloma, adhesion and tissue trauma. They have a rolled cuff. Every glove is 100% individually air tested with compressed air twice - once before and once after chlorination process to insure 100% AQL against pinhole and other physical defects for greater product and worker protection. Non-sterile. Packaging: 100/box
Item No. Size Price
SSI-PM102 Small $  7.75
SSI-PM103 Medium $  7.75
SSI-PM104 Large $  7.75
SSI-PM105 X-Large $  8.75

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