NASA MODELS & Climbatron
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ap-50204-astronaut-mmu.jpg (39298 bytes) Shuttle Astronaut w/MMU
6" Tall
Item# AP-50204-2
50205-orbiter.gif (13839 bytes) SHUTTLE ORBITER
5 Long
NASA Collector's Patch Included
Item# AP-50205-9
50206-saturnV.jpg (11135 bytes) SATURN   V  ROCKET

Item# AP-50206-6

Official Replica
with NASA Collector's Patch


12110-tele-micro.jpg (11934 bytes) 2 in 1 TELE-MICRO
30x microscope;
8x telescope
Item# MSD-2565

These interstellar "acro-bats" walk up
windows, meander down mirrors, and
bring fun to your filing cabinets.
Patented suction mechanism firmly
clings to any smooth glass or metal
surface, climbs up, down, around...
even upside-down!
Really works... you have to see this one
to believe it!

Actual Size

This promises to be the must-have toy
of the season.

Item# AP-56201
Price $12.99


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