Asltd35x35-X.gif (2669 bytes) SPRAGUE-RAPPAPORT STETHOSCOPE
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STEH_Sprague.jpg (8771 bytes) Threaded chestpiece drum of chrome plated zinc permits the use of five interchangeable chestpiece fittings. 22" tubing length; overall length 29". Latex free, double tube configuration for improved acoustic separation. Proprietary valve mechanism eliminates acoustic leakage. Adjustable chrome plated brass binaurals. Complete with an accessory pouch containing the bell chestpieces, chestpiece key, 2 spare diaphragms, one pair of mushroom eartips and one pair of silicon eartips. Weighs 6oz. Inspected and packaged in the U.S.A. Five year manufacturer warranty.
Item Number Description Price
STAR-104264030 BLACK w/16" tubing $14.95
STAR-104264130 BLACK $16.68
STAR-104264131 GRAY $16.68
STAR-104264133 LIGHT BLUE $16.68
STAR-104264134 PEACOCK $16.68
STAR-104264135 ROYAL BLUE $16.68
STAR-104264136 AQUA BLUE $16.68
STAR-104264137 GREEN $16.68
STAR-104264138 LIGHT GREEN $16.68
STAR-104264139 RED $16.68
STAR-104264140 PINK $16.68
STAR-104264141 PEACH $16.68
STAR-104264142 GOLD $16.68
STAR-104264144 LAVENDER $16.68
STAR-104264145 ORCHID $16.68
STAR-104264146 MAGENTA $16.68
STAR-104264147 YELLOW $16.68
STAR-104264148 BROWN $16.68
STAR-104264149 WHITE $16.68
STAR-104264150 NEON BLUE $16.68
STAR-104264151 NEON GREEN $16.68
STAR-104264152 NEON ORANGE $16.68
STAR-104264153 NEON PINK $16.68
STAR-104264154 NEON YELLOW $16.68
STAR-104264155 BOYSENBERRY $16.68
STAR-104264156 BURGANDY $16.68
STAR-104264157 DARK GREEN $16.68
STAR-104264158 MINT $16.68
STAR-104264159 TEAL $16.68
STAR-104264160 PURPLE $16.68
STAR-104264161 NAVY BLUE $16.68
STAR-104264163 TURQUOISE $16.68


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