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Clinaspin.jpg (3958 bytes) ROCK SOLID AND AFFORDABLE! The Clinaspin gives you everything you want in a basic centrifuge. It provides economical centrifugal separation of blood cells from serum/plasma. A durable polymer cover in an attractive tan color is mounted on a black, powder coated steel base. The Clinaspin provides the ultimate in reliability at a rock bottom price.
Item No. Description Price
VUL-6C Clinaspin Centrifuge / 6 Tube Rotor / 30 Minute Timer $289.00
VUL-6X Clinaspin Centrifuge / 6 Tube Rotor / On-Off Switch $279.00
VUL-8C Clinaspin Centrifuge / 8 Tube Rotor / 30 Minute Timer $324.00


Mobilespin.jpg (4586 bytes) SAMPLE PROCESSING TO GO! The Mobilespin centrifuge was designed to be an "in the field" unit, deriving its DC power from the cigarette lighter receptacle in an automobile. Because of the portability of this unit, samples can be spun in the automobile or "in the field", helping to prevent analyate value shift caused by delayed centrifugation. Our optional PS126 power converter allows the Mobilespin to operate from a standard, indoor power source.
Item No. Description Price
VUL-126 Mobilespin 12V Portable Centrifuge / 6 Tube Rotor $329.00
VUL-128 Mobilespin 12V Portable Centrifuge / 8 Tube Rotor $347.00
VUL-PS-126 Power Converter 115Volt - 12Volt $94.00


Clinaseal.jpg (4192 bytes) THE IDEAL PHYSICIAN'S OFFICE CENTRIFUGE. Our quiet Clinaseal features exclusive AeroLok technology that helps protect personnel from aerosols while maintaining sample temperature stability. The motor chamber is isolated from the spinning chamber and the chamber in turn is isolated from the outside environment. A brushless, permanently lubricated motor means no maintenance worries. The sturdy aluminum cabinet is covered with a durable, baked-on powder coating in an attractive tan color that compliments any environment.
Item No. Description Price
VUL-CS6C Clinaseal Centrifuge / 6 Tube Rotor / 30 Minute Timer $359.95
VUL-CS6X Clinaseal Centrifuge / 6 Tube Rotor / On-Off Switch $349.95
VUL-CS8C Clinaseal Centrifuge / 8 Tube Rotor / 30 Minute Timer $399.95


Variseal.jpg (4485 bytes) THE LOWEST PRICED VARIABLE SPEED CENTRIFUGE ON THE MARKET! The Variseal combines all the features of our best-selling Clinaseal centrifuge, with the added advantage of variable speed. The variable speed control conveniently indicates both RPM and RCF (Relative Centrifugal Force). The brushless, permanently lubricated motor ensures maintenance free operation. It performs centrifugal separation of blood cells from serum/plasma, urine separations and sperm cell washing.
Item No. Description Price
VUL-VS6C Variseal Variable Speed Centrifuge / 6 Tube Rotor $539.00
VUL-VS8C Variseal Variable Speed Centrifuge / 8 Tube Rotor $572.00


Microspin.jpg (3904 bytes) THE VALUE LEADER! The Microspin centrifuge offers reliable microhematocrit determinations. Although the Microspin is a 24 tube unit, it is more affordable than most competitive 6 tube centrifuges. The high speed motor assures rapid spin-downs, and the included reader is adjustable, allowing accurate readings in a variety of circumstances. Offering quieter operation than many similar units, the Microspin offers superior performance and is quickly becoming the standard for rapid, no hassle hematocrits.
Item No. Description Price
VUL-MS-24 Microspin Microhematocrit Centrifuge / 24 Tube Rotor $1129.00


Quantum.jpg (3999 bytes) A 24 TUBE POWERHOUSE! The Quantum performs centrifugal blood cell separations, urine separations, and sperm cell washing. It offers the larger laboratory or hospital these important features: 24 place angle head, variable speed, and automatic braking system. The variable speed is calibrated in both RPM and RCF. The Quantum is ready to go as ordered. There are no additional costs for rotors or tube carriers.
Item No. Description Price
VUL-QM-100 Quantum Variable Speed Centrifuge / 24 Tube Rotor $1346.00


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