Asltd35x35-X.gif (2669 bytes) LABORATORY COUNTERS
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cdi-9.jpg (32726 bytes) 9-unit counter.
Eight units record up to 999, each with its own key. Last unit without key on right is the totalizing unit which records total number of strokes made on other keys. At 100 increments, totalizing unit rings bell. When totalizing unit records 100, each figure corresponding to individual keys automatically displays percentage. Two reset knobs. Removable tabs on top of counter provide area for identification of classification being counted.
Item Number Description Price
CDI-9 9 unit Laboratory Counter $374.90


cdi-6.jpg (5364 bytes) 6-unit counter.
Same as CDI-9 Counter but with five keys and one totalizer unit each with 0 to 999 range and dual reset knobs.
Item Number Description Price
CDI-6 6 unit Laboratory Counter $324.90


cdi-2.jpg (4656 bytes) 2-unit counter.
Smaller counter with two keys each with 0 to 999 range. Single reset knob.
With removable tabs for top identification.
Item Number Description Price
CDI-2 2 unit Laboratory Counter $83.73


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