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STAR-Flex-ADH-Bandages.jpg (6689 bytes) Heavyweight elastic fabric provides strong, hard-wearing protection for all minor punctures, cuts and abrasions. Flexible weave permits bandage to stretch, conforms easily to irregularities, allows greater freedom of movement with far less painful pulling. Special bandage adhesive provides staying power, even on moist skin, but peels off easily. Individually sealed in sterile, easy release paper sleeves. 100/box
Item Number Description Price/Box Price/Case
STAR-10701580 " x 3" , 100/box (12box/case) $2.95 $25.95
STAR-10701595 1" x 3", 100/box (12box/case) $4.95 $45.95
STAR-10701602 Knuckle, (12box/case) $5.60 $53.95
STAR-10701607 Fingertip, (12box/case) $5.95 $53.95
STAR-10701570 XL, 2" x 4", 50/box (24box/case) $5.95 $55.95


STAR-sheer-strips.jpg (7007 bytes) High quality sheer adhesive bandages stay right where you want them. Conform to body contours. Won't stick to the wound site. Sheer qualities let the air in and the moisture out to promote healing. Easy to open wrapper. Handy fold out dispenser box. Sterile.
Item Number Description Price/Box Price/Case
STAR-10701303 Spots, 100/box (12box/case) $2.50 $23.50
STAR-10701275 x 3" Strips, 100/box (12box/case) $2.74 $23.95
STAR-10701290 1" x 3" Strips, 100/box (12box/case) $3.44 $30.96


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